Addressing Discrimination or Harassment

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If you have an unpleasant or disturbing experience based on your identity, you may have options.

Not every experience can or should be addressed through a disciplinary process, but there are always resources available to help you manage your experience.

NOTE: Sex or gender discrimination, including sexual misconduct such as sexual harassment and sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence, is addressed on the Sexual Misconduct and Title IX website.

First, read the Discrimination and Harassment FAQs

The Discrimination and Harassment FAQs include information about discrimination, harassment and other problematic experiences based on identity. It provides links to relevant policies and explains how the disciplinary system handles different types of infractions.

Consider reporting your experience

Even if you do not want to pursue disciplinary action, or your experience is not appropriate for disciplinary action, you can help improve the campus climate for everyone by sharing your story. Reporting your experience helps Princeton monitor behavior on campus and identify opportunities to improve it.

Consult a confidential resource

Consult a confidential resource to talk through your options: the Ombuds Office, chaplains in the Office of Religious Life, Counseling and Psychological Services, or SHARE.

Confidential resources will keep your information private. They will not take any formal action but can offer support and provide resources. The Ombuds Office can assist in providing coaching on conflict resolution or mediation, if desired.

Talk to someone informally

Contact staff at the Fields Center, Women’s Center, LGBT Center, International Center, Office of Religious Life, or Office of Disability Services.

These offices are not confidential resources but have trained staff members who can talk with you about your experience. They will not take further action unless you request it.

Report the experience to Institutional Equity and Diversity

Institutional Equity and Diversity monitors information about interactions that may not meet the definition of discrimination or harassment but suggest a pattern or a larger hostile environment. Based on aggregated information, Princeton may initiate a climate review of a department or unit. That could result in a plan to assist that unit with training or other resources. You can talk with Institutional Equity and Diversity about how the information you provide will be used.

Request adjustments to your living, working or academic experience

File a formal complaint

The University will review the matter. An appropriate office may then conduct interviews, gather evidence and make a determination of responsibility. Based on the nature of the allegation, the investigation will be carried out according to the procedures specified in the Policy on Discrimination and/or Harassment (for cases alleging discrimination or harassment other than sex discrimination or sexual misconduct) or Rights Rules Responsibilities 1.3 (for cases alleging sex discrimination or sexual misconduct).

During an investigation, the person making the allegations has certain rights, which the policies explain. When a student, staff or faculty member is found responsible for a violation of either policy, disciplinary penalties will be imposed.

File an anonymous complaint

(Please note that anonymous complaints may limit Princeton’s ability to respond.)

File a complaint with an outside enforcement agency or legal resource.

Key Contacts

  • Institutional Equity and Diversity: 609-258-8504
  • *Ombuds Office: 609-258-1775
  • *ORL Chaplains: 609-258-3047
  • *Counseling and Psychological Services: 609-258-3285
  • *SHARE: 609-258-3310
  • *Carebridge Employee Assistance Program: 800-437-0911
  • Human Resources: 609-258-3304
  • Dean of the Faculty: 609-258-3021
  • Undergrad Students: Contact your director of student life or the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students: 609-258-3054
  • Grad Students: Contact the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School: 609-258-8003

*confidential resources