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Discrimination and/or harassment based on a protected characteristic, as defined by the Policy on Discrimination and/or Harassment, are strictly prohibited.  Princeton University is committed to creating and maintaining an educational, working, and living environment free from discrimination and harassment.  When the University becomes aware that a member of the University community may have been subjected to or affected by discriminatory and/or harassing behavior, the University will take prompt action to stop the discrimination and/or harassment.  The course of action taken by the University, including any resulting disciplinary penalty, will depend on the particular facts and circumstances involved.

The University encourages all members of our community to report all incidents of discrimination and/or harassment.  If you feel that you have been subjected to discrimination and/or harassment or have observed discrimination or harassment of others, you have many options, including consulting with a Confidential Resource or filing a formal complaint.  The University recognizes that deciding among these options can be difficult.  Individuals are encouraged to seek assistance from a Confidential Resource before deciding how to proceed.

Our policy on sex discrimination and sexual misconduct provides information about types of prohibited conduct, how to access resources and/or make a complaint, and investigative and disciplinary procedures. Additional information and contacts are available on the Sexual Misconduct and Title IX website.