Lead a Diverse Workforce

Since change is often hard, creating a diverse working and learning environment may be difficult. These trainings show why it's worth it and ways to handle some common challenges.


Leveraging diversity

  • "Leveraging Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities." In this three-hour training session, you can gain an understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of leading in a diverse and complex work environment as well as some of the leading challenges facing colleges and universities and the broader society on diversity. You will also have the opportunity to examine your own values and beliefs about diversity, race, power and privilege in American society, and consider how leaders in higher education are challenged with understanding the different dimensions of diversity and how they affect all aspects of the campus environment.
    Audience: Faculty, staff
    Format: In-person course, offered by the Office of Human Resources
    More information: View the full course description for "Leveraging Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities."

  • "Leveraging Diversity: Part II." This three-hour training session builds on the content from Leveraging Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities. It focuses on strategies for leveraging diversity in higher education. Learn about new concepts and explore practical examples of how to apply strategies for improving the campus climate and the interaction of diverse communities.
    Audience: Faculty, staff
    Format: In-person course, offered by the Office of Human Resources
    More information: View the full course description for "Leveraging Diversity: Part II."

Effective search practices

The Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble leads a two-hour interactive session titled "Effective Search Practices: It Depends on the Lens," designed to help faculty members focus on best practices for conducting searches, with an emphasis on mitigating the effects of unconscious bias. 
Audience: Faculty
Format: In-person workshop, facilitated by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty
More information: Contact the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for information about upcoming presentations. Read more about the interactive session.


Costs and benefits of diversity 

In this 45-minute video, "The Costs and Benefits of Diversity on College Campuses," Professor Scott Page of the University of Michigan shares research about the benefits of diversity for effective problem-solving and innovation.
Audience: Faculty, staff, students
Format: Video, offered by the University
More Information: Watch the video.

Faculty hiring, graduate recruiting programs among diversity initiatives

In response to the 2013 Report of the Trustee Ad Hoc Committee on Divesity, initiatives are underway to diversify the faculty, graduate student, postdoctoral and staff populations.

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