Why It's Crucial

Diversity and inclusion are central to Princeton's educational mission and its desire to serve society. The University pursues these values because:

  • A diverse environment is more intellectually and socially stimulating. The variety of viewpoints creates more debate and encourages people to re-examine their own positions, with the potential of leading to new insights, in and out of academic settings. Research findings on the impact of diversity (.pdf) from the fields of psychology, sociology and economics show that experiences with diversity improve one's own intellectual skills and performance, improve self-confidence, decrease negative stereotypes and biases, and create awareness of inequalities and discrimination that may be — and often are — addressed through civic action.
  • Fairness is a core value of the University. Students, staff and faculty applicants of all backgrounds should have an equal opportunity to earn a position at Princeton, and, in turn, they should have equal opportunities to contribute and succeed in their future endeavors.
  • Princeton students should live and learn in an environment that reflects U.S. society and introduces them to the world beyond. In broadening the range of perspectives to which they're exposed, students will have a better understanding of the world and be better equipped to lead and serve others.